Bouncing Souls

A print for New Jerseys favorite sons for a West Coast gig. Can’t go wrong with a tiger.

The Fleashtones

The show that was doomed to not happen. Tickets were bought, posters were printed but alas is was not to be. The Fleashtones fell ill and the show was cancelled. At least we have these screen prints as proof of what could have been.


It’s a great day when you get a call to design something for one of your favorite bands. MCD is one of the BEST at what they do and what they do is balls to the wall straight up rock n’ roll with no filter. The live shows are a thing to cherish, cause baby they don’t make em’ like this anymore.

Swamp Stomp 10

Wow! What a day of music. The Waco Bros AND The Sadies? Incredible is an understatement. Plus Eric Ambel and Al Scorch started the fire. Swamp Stomp brings the real deal, top notch, no bullshit musicians to the folks of New England each ad every summer.

The Upper Crust

Ahhhh yes, the Upper Crust. These fine dandies graced the stage of POP for a very special night of music and debauchery.


Big Business

I had the great opportunity to do work on this print for a gig in Lisbon Portugal. Always a great opportunity to do some work overseas, especially for such a power house like the mighty BIG BUSINESS.

Arc Iris

This was for a very special show at the already legendary POP! Gallery in Providence, RI

An intimate evening that had Arc Iris perform Joni Mitchell’s album Blue in it’s entirety ( in their unique style of course ) This was printed in a very limited amount for this special evening.


Finally got to design and print a poster for the Mighty CLUTCH. These are unfortunately sold out here on the site but the band may have a few left on their remaining tour dates or on their web store eventually.

Band of Horses

Special poster to commemorate BOH television taping on Austin City limits, that aired on PBS. These were given to all audience member’s at the taping. Only copies available to the public are right here.

Deer Hunter

Official poster commissioned by the band as part of the tour. This sold out immediately. Only a small amount available here.