New Prints & Design Work

April 22, 2013

Happy Spring All,
It’s been a busy few months here in the studio. We have a bunch of new prints for sale. Most of the copies were sold at the shows but as always I saved a few for the web store.  I have also added a few record covers to the packaging section, including all the 7″ vinyl stuff I have been doing for the Street Dogs as of late. Speaking of vinyl, my little label Smash and Grab Records will be putting out a very special release very soon from one of my favorite bands The SILKS. It has a BIG surprise attached to it,stay tuned, it’s worth it!
New Posters!
A print I did for X a few months back is now on sale in the store as well as a print for one of my favorite bands Lucero with the great Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons opening up.  Speaking of those guys, there is a small amount of prints left for a special Roots Hoot House concert they played in February. It was a scorcher.
I also printed up a poster for new comers Shovels and Rope. Sold out show and sold out posters, but you can get a copy in the web store while they last.
Last but not least, a print for Billy Bragg. It was an honor for sure. I can’t express how important this man’s music and lyrics have been for many years. If you’re not familiarget schooled, it’s an education you can’t afford to miss.
Very excited to have gotten to do a print for BOB DYLAN. It’s a dream come true. On sale date coming very soon.
Keep on keeping on.