New Website, New Posters!

September 24, 2012

It’s been a long time coming but Ghost-Town has gotten a new look. A fresh coat of paint if you will. Lots of new images added in the various areas. I want to thank Yosef for his hard work and expertise on bringing this to life. With a new streamlined look and feel, I hope to get updates out more often to keep you on top of all the new things coming out of the studio.

Speaking of which, to start out we have a new release for the Austin TX based band The Gourds with James McCurtry September tour. This poster sold out on tour but we have a small handful available here on the site.

Also a few handful of prints left for the September show with Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons. A brand NEW print for the Melvin’s. it will go on sale right after the show. A print for AC Newman will also be available after the show.

Lots of new things in the works so keep an eye out. Enjoy the Fall and thanks again for the support.